How to Administer Discipline in HR Management?

How To Administer Discipline In HR Management?

How to Administer Discipline in HR Management?

How to Administer Discipline in HR Management?

What is HR Management?

HRM stands for Human Resources Management. It takes into account the management of workforce in an organization. A dedicated department in a company called HR department undertakes all the work concerned with this discipline. Its main aim is to draw out maximum efficiency from the employees in limited resource utilization. It also ensures there is no exploitation of the employees and they receive maximum benefits and incentives. HR assignments have key issues of bridging the gap between the top management and the workforce of the company.

What are Disciplinary Problems in a Company?

Discipline is one of the most important issues management faces in a company. Any disciplinary disturbance may cost the working and performance of the company. The most common issues are as follows:

1) Poor performance: Performance issues are the major disciplinary issues in any organization. Sometimes mismanagement of the processes and negligence results in poor performance.

2) General misconduct: It is second major disciplinary issue where misconduct between employees is seen very often. It is estimated that 87% of the issues are of misconduct.

3) Poor timekeeping: Around 53% of disciplinary issues are of frequent poor timekeeping or lack of punctuality. Some employees do it deliberately.

4) Unauthorized absence: Absence from work without prior information to the management is also very frequent disciplinary issue.

5) Misuse of internet & social media: It is the unauthorized use of emails, internet websites and social media sites for personal use.

6) Bullying and harassment: Sometimes infrequent but serious issue, bullying and harassment of new joiners by the seniors are also disciplinary issues.

7) Theft and fraud: Not frequent but occasional, theft and fraud are also counted as major disciplinary issues.

8) Violence: In large organizations having a good repute, violence is not a major issue at the workplace. But in small businesses involving labor class may come with violence at workplace.

9) Misuse of substances: It may become an issue sometimes. Taking alcohol or drugs at workplace is yet uncommon.

10) Discrimination: It may be the least common issue. Surveys say that healthy culture developed at a workplace eliminates the discrimination where the employees treat each other as family.

What Are The Guidelines To Administer Discipline In HR Management?

1) Informal disciplinary action: The first option to handle any disciplinary issue is to handle it in an informal way. Verbal warning followed by issuing letter to his performance file will do it.
2) Investigation: If the issue is serious and an employee is definitely answerable, an investigation will analyze the issue and will come up with suggested solutions.
3) Inform employees of allegations: If upon investigation it is proved a disciplinary issue then the employee must be informed about the allegations and called for disciplinary hearing.
4) Holding a disciplinary hearing: During the hearing, the alleged employee should be given a chance to explain his side. He may be accompanied by a colleague or union official.
5) Decide an outcome and disciplinary sanction: after hearing from both the parties, decision must be taken and communicated to the concerned parties. If sanctions are made, the alleged employee has the right to appeal to the suitable authority.

How to Get HR Assignment Help from Professionals?

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